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Cashews with Viking salt, 95 g

Cashews with Viking salt, 95 g

Kreek's combines extra quality roasted cashew nuts with a tasty blend of black pepper, onions, smoked flavouring and turmeric. Viking Salt Cashews will awaken your taste buds with their smoky and spicy flavours. Whole, they will awaken your appetizers, cooked, they will bring a touch of originality to your dishes.

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A crunchy treasure with nutritional benefits

Crunchy and refined, the cashew nut is extremely beneficial to health. Indeed, there are many nutrients in this quality nut that are essential to the proper functioning of the body, such as vitamins, magnesium, iron, fibre and fatty acids, among others. But it is above all for its delicate taste that we have chosen this whole nut of extra quality from Vietnam.

The perfect combination of bold flavours

Our cashews are roasted in a sunflower oil bath in separate cooking, cooled and seasoned in the shortest possible time to retain their crunchiness. The seasoning called ""Viking Salt"" is named after its distinctive flavour. This salt made of black pepper, onion, smoked aroma and turmeric, is a balanced combination of fruity, smoky, sweet and spicy flavours.

An explosion of crunch and originality

Viking Salt Cashews are perfect as an appetizer to prepare the palate before a barbecue whether vegetarian or meat. You can also make a puree out of them, in the same spirit as a peanut butter, and dip carrots, radishes, cucumbers or cauliflower in them. This tasty mixture can also be used to give a twist to spicy recipes by incorporating them whole into woks, or a massive curry. Crushed, Viking Salt Cashews will add crunch and original flavour to your samoussas.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 62,6
Allergen Fruits à coques
Native country Asie
Ingredients soja, de gluten et de lait.