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Candied yuzu peel, 35 g

Candied yuzu peel, 35 g

This Japanese citrus fruit releases notes of mandarin and grapefruit. Its candied peel is so tasty you’d be tempted to nibble it as a sweet! Use it to bring a zing to your fruit salads, gingerbread or even with warm goat’s cheese.

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Yuzu is from East Asia. It was introduced to Japan during the Tang dynasty in around 700. It looks like a small lime about 5 to 8 cm in diametre. It is harvested in October in Koshi prefecture in Japan. Yuzu is yellow or green depending on how ripe it is.

More Information
More Information
Shelf life 5 years
Ingredient Yuzu (40%), sugar (30%), reduced glucose syrup (25%), C vitamin (5%)
Nutritional info /
Native country JAPON
Ingredients 1 yuzu, sugar, reduced glucose syrup, acidifying: C vitamin.