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Supremo Arabica Coffee, Colombia

Supremo is the designation given to the biggest coffee bean in Colombia. This coffee is suave and round, with lemon and hazelnut notes.

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Price From: €9.90

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Supremo Arabica Coffee beans

Our Terre Exotique Supremo Arabica coffee beans come from Colombia, the world’s second largest coffee producing country.
This region is located close to the Equator, and is characterized by its many microclimates and its topographic diversity.
The variations in altitude, temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind mean Colombia offers a wide range of coffee aromas.
It is also important to highlight that because of its vast territory Colombia can produce coffee all year round.
Each year, almost 13 million bags of coffee beans are exported around the world, the primary destination being the United States who are mad about Colombian coffee.

Measure up! It’s all a question of size.

In Colombia, "Supremo" refers to the larger dense coffee beans. Supremo Arabica coffee beans are a screen size of 17 - 18. Screen size measures the size of the coffee beans. A screen is equivalent to 0.4mm. The larger and denser the bean is, the richer its aromas releasing stronger flavours. This precise measuring process enables the coffee roaster to choose and carefully qualify the coffee bean’s roasting profile.

Serving suggestion

This coffee goes perfectly with all the products in our sweet range , such as the tasty PAUL&PIPPA biscuits with notes of coconut, chocolate or the lemon flavoured biscuits. Also delicious with the CUDIE range of luxury chocolate coated dried Mediterranean fruit.

This air-tight box protects your coffee from oxidation. To get the best aromas from your coffee, keep it tightly closed in its box, at room temperature, and in a place dry.


Additional Information

Country No
Brand No
Storage conditions A l'abri de la lumière, dans un endroit sec et à température ambiante
Allergen Allergen free
Ingredient Café grain (torréfié) Supremo
Use By date 18 mois
Nutritional info /


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