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Sul de Minas Arabica Coffee, Brazil

This coffee originates from the Minas Gerais state in the South East of Brazil and is renowned worldwide for the quality of its Arabica. This great classic from our collection has big flat beans grown at an altitude lower than 1000m, and is traditionally harvested at the end of June. 
Its softness and balanced flavours combined with its low acidity will wrap you smoothly in delicacy.

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Price From: €9.80

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Sul de Minas Arabica Coffee

Terre Exotique’s Sul de Minas Arabica coffee comes – as its name suggests – from the south of the largest region of Minas Gerais, one of the 27 federal units of Brazil. 
The Sul de Minas regionis one of the country’s main coffee producing regions.

Arabica coffee was introduced in the mid- 19th century in this part of the world which is renowned for its colonial towns founded in the 18th century during the gold rush.

Nowadays, in Brazil almost 30% of the country’s coffee production comes from the Sul de Minas region.
This region has low altitudes (altitudes of between 800 and 950 metres), and has some of the largest coffee producing farms in Brazil.
They mainly grow yellow Catuai and Mundo Novo.

This ground coffee is well-balanced and delicate

Our Sul de Minas Arabica coffee will captivate your palate by its balanced body, low acidity and its notes of hazelnut – making it your ideal daily coffee!
This tasty ground Brazilian coffee is both mild and smooth.

Serving suggestion

This coffee goes perfectly with all the products in our sweet range , such as the tasty PAUL&PIPPA biscuits with notes of coconut, chocolate or the lemon flavoured biscuits. Also delicious with the CUDIE range of luxury chocolate coated dried Mediterranean fruit.

This air-tight box protects your coffee from oxidation. To get the best aromas from your coffee, keep it tightly closed in its box, at room temperature, and in a place dry.


Additional Information

Country Brazil
Brand No
Storage conditions A l'abri de la lumière, dans un endroit sec et à température ambiante
Allergen Allergen free
Ingredient Café grain (torrefié) Sul de Minas
Use By date 18 mois
Nutritional info /


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