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Brown cane sugar, 250 g

Brown cane sugar, 250 g

The extract of cane sugar is purified, concentrated and crystallized to make these delicious crunchy granules. Use in baking, crème brûlées, yoghurts, coffee, tea or infusions.
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This sugar adds sweetness, fullness of flavour and a touch of crunchiness to a plain yoghourt or an exotic pastry, to a chilled sabayon or a golden caramel, to a home-made jam or a sorbet of summer fruits. Give a festive air to your desserts. The small spout on canister allows exact amount of sugar when pouring!
More Information
More Information
Shelf life 10 years
Ingredient Brown cane sugar
Nutritional info /
Native country ILE DE LA REUNION
Ingredients 1 natural brown cane sugar