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Boxed set: Back from Madagascar
Boxed set: Back from Madagascar

Boxed set: Back from Madagascar

Discover the new Malagasy box (limited edition)

Embark on a journey to the heart of the botanists' paradise, this biodiversity gem: Madagascar. This elegant box contains the treasures of the red island: the salted green pepper from the coasts, the voatsiperfiery pepper, the pink berry, the 5 Bourbon peppers, the clove, and the natural fleur de sel. Surprise: the fleur de sel and the Terre Exotique colored box are graciously offered to you!

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The Delicious Flavors of Madagascar in a Box

Exploring Madagascar is diving into a world where nature reigns supreme, offering a living laboratory for science and a paradise for spice and rare plant enthusiasts.

Discover the travelogue

What's Inside the Madagascar Box?

On the occasion of this return journey, we offer you an unprecedented selection that will take your taste buds on a journey.

The Innovation: the 5 Bourbon Peppers

This exclusive blend of Malagasy peppers and berries offers an elegant bouquet of aromas! Its very mild spiciness and fruity and woody flavors make it a perfect companion for cheese platters, soups, and poultry. It includes a wide variety of spices, including:

  • - Voatsiperifery pepper, a wild pepper endemic to the island hiding in the canopy, in the heart of the primary forest.
  • - Black pepper from Madagascar and salted green pepper from the coasts, both piper nigrum varieties growing on the east coast of the island.
  • - Cinnamon clove, Cinnamomum cassia, a dried floral bud of the cinnamon tree, with fruity and warm aromas.
  • - Pink berry, a schinus terebenthifolius, with a color evoking all the indulgence of this berry. It mainly grows in the Anôsy province.

Salted Green Pepper from the Coasts

Salted green pepper is cultivated and produced on the East Coast of the Indian Ocean. This type of pepper is hand-picked when the clusters are still immature. Each stage of its production is manually performed by experienced Malagasy village women. The process begins with brining the green pepper, followed by drying. This treatment gives the grain a crunchy texture and a strong taste, allowing it to be consumed like a spicy peanut. It differs from traditional green peppers, which are freeze-dried or dehydrated, due to its unique texture, spiciness, and salty aroma. With its aromatic profile, it is the ideal pepper that will accompany all your dishes, as well as your appetizers. This crunchy and strong-grained pepper blends perfectly with homemade tapas or toasts for your gatherings with friends. It pairs well with all meats and can also be combined with vegetables, starches, and salads. It will pep up sauces and marinades and enhance your fish and seafood.

Pink Berry

The pink berry is cultivated in the Anôsy region, located in the extreme south of Madagascar, near Fort-Dauphin. These berries are harvested when they reach full maturity, ensuring superior quality. It is recognized by its round shape, smooth and uniform surface, as well as its bright red or pink color. While it is common to use pink berries with fish, its use does not stop there! Try it, for example, roughly crushed and placed on a slice of fresh cheese and smoked salmon.

Learn more about the pink berry

Voatsiperifery Pepper

Voatsiperifery pepper gets its name from the Malagasy "voa" meaning "fruit" and "tsiperifery," meaning "plant." This vine grows spontaneously on trees in the tropical forest, in the hot and humid regions of the East of the island. Its annual harvest, entirely manual, is delicate as the vines, which can climb up to thirty meters in height, are sometimes inaccessible. Voatsiperifery black pepper is the favorite of many chefs working with Terre Exotique. It is also one of the team's favorites because it has sweet and subtle notes and blends well with everything. Our tip? Add a hint of voatsiperifery black pepper to the preparation of a dark chocolate panna cotta. In savory recipes, with meats, fish, or shellfish, it brings a touch of freshness and spiciness. Be careful not to infuse it for too long, or it may bring out its bitterness.


Cloves come from the dried floral buds of the clove tree, Syzygium aromaticum, a tropical tree in the Myrtaceae family, native to the Moluccas archipelago in Indonesia. The flowers are handpicked when the buds begin to turn red. The cloves are then sun-dried on mats and frequently stirred to prevent fermentation. They are finally sorted and calibrated manually.

In terms of flavor, cloves offer a vivid and fresh first impression, followed by intense menthol notes reminiscent of camphor and eucalyptus. Its texture and resistance to heat make it ideal for infusions and prolonged cooking. However, it is advisable to moderate its cooking time to avoid intensifying its flavors too much. Madagascar cloves add an exquisite touch to soups, tagines, sauces, and even desserts like chocolate fondants.

Learn more about cloves

Natural Fleur de Sel

The fleur de sel from Ifaty, harvested by the Vezo, a fishing people of Madagascar, stands out for its purity and immaculate whiteness. Its crystals are finer and more delicate than those of coarse salt, offering a light texture that integrates and dissolves quickly in food. A product of craftsmanship and favorable climatic conditions, Ifaty's fleur de sel forms on the surface of salt pans, creating a fine layer of white crystals under the effects of sun and wind.

Malagasy fleur de sel is appreciated for its crispy lightness and delicate, refined taste, making it an essential element in the kitchen to elegantly enhance all dishes. Perfect as a finishing touch, it is used on a variety of dishes, from salads to fish to meat, bringing a touch of finesse and elegance to each dish.

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More Information
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Native country Se reporter aux origines produits
Ingredients fleur de sel, clove, voatsiperifery pepper, pink peppercorn, the 5
bourbon peppers, green salty coastal pepper.
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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