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Botanical Cocktails

When Piperology and Mixology come together…
Mixology is the art of creating, relooking or adapting cocktail recipes.Piperology is the art of selecting, tasting and sharing grands crus peppers.


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White Penja pepper

White Penja pepper

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Tasmanian pepper

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This gift box comes after months of ethnological, botanical and gastronomic research to find the perfect pairing for peppers and cocktails. It’s perfect for creating cocktails flavoured with grands crus peppers. Adding new touches to existing recipes and inventing new mixes with unique twists! The wide variety of peppers with very different aromatic profiles is reflected in this gift box with its recipe ideas and tips, wrtitten by Matthias Giroud. World famous bartender and mixology wizard, he’s also known as the Alchemist, for his love of mixes and tastes, transmitting his cocktail trending enthusiasm to every party-goer around the world. He set off around the world to launch exciting bar concepts, and took part in great cuisine-based events which spicedup his inspiration. So, it’s only natural that he should use spices and peppers to inspire his new cocktail creations. In this booklet, he has created 6 unique new cocktails exclusively for Terre Exotique. A new way to savour our peppers and berries !

This gift box will delight your eyes as well as your taste buds… taking you on a journey to discover new textures and sweet and spicy flavours.

This cocktails making kit contains :

- one box of 20 g of sancho berry
- one box of 40 g of Timur berry.
- one box of  35  Timiz pepper
- one box of 25g passion berry
- one box of  40g tasmanian berry.
- one box of  70 g Penja white pepper.
- one mill and morter
- one shaker
- one  jagger

a booklet with its tips and recipe ideas (3 recipes with alcohol, and 3 soft cocktails recipes).


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Country France

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