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book "Voyage en terre de poivres"
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book "Voyage en terre de poivres"

Exploring the World of Peppers

Dear friends, I am pleased to present to you, through this innovative book, the result of extensive contemplation about Peppers. Pepper is the king of spices, although often overlooked... So, let's embark together on a journey to discover this extraordinary diversity. Long live Pepper!

Erwann de Kerros.


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Pepper Land: A Botanical Journey to Exotic Lands, at the Source of Peppers, Seeds, and Other Wild Follicles...

What is a spice? What do we call pepper? Where do the different peppers come from? What flavors do they offer? What uses can they be put to? Combining the precision of a botanical herbarium, the vocabulary of tasting, the exoticism of travel, and the indulgence of dishes, this book satisfies all desires and curiosities.

While it may seem easy to cook with spices and peppers, their botanical origin, provenance, or harvesting methods are often unknown. Erwann de Kerros, a pepper courier and founder of the brand "Terre Exotique," has selected more than fifty different species of peppers classified by their botanical family. Each spice is presented in a detailed card: description, tasting, and recipes.

A beautiful 316-page book for all gourmets in search of new flavors and journeys.

Piperaceae, Zingiberaceae, and other exotic names whose secrets are unveiled in this beautiful book, which is a true invitation to travel and explore new culinary territories.

Through the exploration of traditions and peoples from Nepal, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Ethiopia, Erwann de Kerros reveals an infinite range of new flavors, spicy, sweet, or savory, that transform our everyday cuisine and that chefs Didier Edon and Olivier Arlot have prepared through around forty recipes (red tuna with raspberry and piquillo peppers with Tasmanian berries; Béarnaise sauce with red Szechuan pepper; a floating island with a red fruit molten heart - pink berries...).

A book to savor!

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