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Book "The Land of Peppers"

Dear friends, it brings me great joy, with this exciting new book, to share all we have learnt over our long experience and our expeditions through the Land of Peppers. Pepper, the King of spices and yet often so overlooked... Come, join me as we set off together to discover this extraordinary diversity.
Long live Pepper!

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Bahia black Pepper (Jacques Vabre), 70 g

Bahia black Pepper (Jacques Vabre), 70 g

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The Land of Peppers: A botanic journey, discovering peppers, seeds, and other wild pods from around the world… After all, what is a spice? What do we call a pepper? Where do all these different peppers come from? What flavours do they release? How can they be best used? With the precision of a herbarium, mouthwatering culinary terms, the adventure of world travel and the indulgence of delicious food, this book will fulfill your gastronomic fancies and answer all your questions! Although it may seem easy enough to cook with spices and peppers, we often don’t know much about their botanic origins, where they grow and how they are harvested. Erwann de Kerros, a trader of peppers and founder of the “Terre Exotique” brand, has selected more than 50 different species of pepper, classed according to their botanic family. Each one has its own fact sheet with a brief description, what dishes to use your pepper with, together with recipes and tips. Piperaceae (pepper family), zingiberaceae (ginger family) and other winteraceae: a profusion of exotic names whose secrets are revealed in this wondrous book which is a journey in itself to discover new culinary territories. Exploring the traditions and the peoples of Nepal, Cameroon, Indonesia or Ethiopia, Erwann de Kerros reveals a huge range of new hot, mild or spicy flavours, which will transform your daily cooking and which have been used by top chefs Didier Edon and Olivier Arlot in a selection of forty recipes (red tuna with piquillo red peppers and Tasmanian pepper; Bearnaise sauce with Szechuan berry; île flottante with a soft fruit centre and pink peppercorns …). A fine book for all gourmets in search of new flavours and culinary expeditions.


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