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Ingredients for the recipe:


  1. Grate the half cucumber and put it in a clean cloth to squeeze and remove the juice.
  2. In a bowl, put 3 tablespoons of thick Greek yogurt, add the grated cucumber, mint, olive oil, Espelette pepper, juice of half a lemon, tzatziki blend, and white Kampot pepper.
  3. Mix everything together and serve well chilled on blinis, toasted bread, or pita bread.
  Chef's tip: Grating the cucumber and squeezing it in a cloth to extract the juice will give you a thicker and more flavorful tzatziki.
Also find the recipe in video:
For the recipe:

Espelette chilli pepper

Tzatziki spice blend

Chopped mint

Kampot pepper PGI white

Olive oil GI Lesbos

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