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Terre Exotique at Viti Loire

Terre Exotique at Viti Loire

27/28 May 2017 – Tours

At Vitiloire, on 27th May, the affinity of pepper and wine was clearly obvious. How the plants are grown, the expression of the soil in the taste and aromas, there are definitely amazing synergies between pepper and wine. You’ve heard of wine and food pairing, well we’re going to give you our very own wine and pepper pairing ideas focusing on Loire valley wines!
The plant: two different types of vine The Piper grows on vines supported by stakes, in well-drained soil requiring specific climatic conditions; hot and humid tropical climate needing both shade and light. It lives for about 25 years, a bit like grape vines (25-40 years and sometimes 75 years or more for very old vines). Propagation is done by layering, or cuttings. After flowering, the drupes are harvested by hand at various degrees of ripeness, then carefully sorted. Traditional expertise of local people is essential at every stage.
The expression of the terroir Any Piper has a distinct geographic origin, whether it be from India, Madagascar or Brazil. What is really important about its origin is the impact the soil and the climate have on the taste of the pepper: this is the terroir, which also has a strong impact on wine. Penja pepper from Cameroon gets its distinctive flavour from the volcanic soils in which it grows. So, the terroir and the local expertise of the different countries are what gives each pepper its very own character. When the upper part of the drupe reddens, it’s time to harvest the pepper. Riper peppercorns fall earlier and are picked off the ground. Just like grapes, the sugar-level in peppercorns increases as they ripen. Harvesting at various degrees of ripeness means you can obtain very different results for the same peppercorn, green pepper, black pepper, white pepper (with outer skin removed) and even red pepper (overripe).

Terre Exotique’s pepper and wine pairing


Bourgueil « La Romana » 2014

Intense deep garnet-red colour with purplish tints. The aroma is full of sweet spices, soft fruits and leather, enhanced by notes of black fruit jam. The flavour is rounded yet strong with silky tannins. Wine: La Romana Colour: Red Domaine: Domaine des Ouches Wine-producers: Thomas and Denis Gambier, Appellation: Bourgueil Vintage: 2014 Vinification: Vatting lasts 16 days in small 400 litre vats. This wine is aged in terracotta amphoras for 1 year. Grape variety: Cabernet Franc Ageing period: 5/10 years Type of soil: Clay-limestone. Aged: In amphoras.

Penja white pepper

Cameroon, province of Moungo, Piper nigrum; fresh aromas of menthol and camphor; wild and musky notes; volcanic soil, family run plantation, Protected Geographical Indication. Harvested by hand, sorted by the experienced hands of the local village women.

Food-wine-pepper pairing

What dish? Farmhouse veal chop with pan-fried wild mushrooms.


White Chinon « Amphora » 2014

Strong light yellow hues. The scent releases exotic notes of orange zest and wild flowers. Strong taste with intense fruity structure and slightly acidic lemony flavours. Wine: Amphora Colour: White Domaine: Domaine de Noiré, Wine-producer: Jean Max Manceau Appellation: Chinon (AOC), Vintage: Amphora 2014 Vinification: Removal of excess leaves, bio-dynamic method, organic harvest, done by hand, limited yield (40 hl/ha) Grape variety: Chenin Ageing period: Type of soil: Clay-limestone soil Aged: In amphoras

Sansho berry

The Zanthoxylum piperitum or the Sansho berry grows in the wild in the province of Wakayama in Japan, and has done so for roughly 5,000 years. It has explosive notes of citrus fruits, mint and lemon grass.

Food-wine-pepper pairing

What dish? Pike with white butter.

LIKOUALA PEPPER / BOURGUEIL “Les Blottières” 2015:

Touraine (Cot) 2016

Deep purpley red colour. Aromas of very ripe soft fruit and intense smoked scents with notes of incense and menthol. Forthright flavour with notes of ripe soft fruit and silky tannins. Wine: Les Blottières Colour: Red Domaine: Nau Brothers Wine-producer: Appellation: Bourgueil Vintage: 2015 Vinification: Harvested by hand, aged in vats, sustainable agriculture, Grape variety: Cabernet Franc Ageing period: 3 - 5 years Type of soil: Gravel soil Aged: In vats

Likouala Pepper

Piper guineese, region of Likouala. notes of burnt herbs, floral aromas with hints of fresh menthol, long lasting flavour, harvested by hand. Grows in the wild on creepers of over 20m high, in thick gorilla forests, picked by the Baakas tribe.

Food-wine-pepper pairing

What dish? French navarin lamb stew served with new vegetables.


BOURGUEIL « Les Blottières » 2015

Beautiful deep ruby colour. Initial aroma of black fruit and ripe cherries releasing aromatic notes of peppery mint. The attack is supple with flavours of soft fruit compote, ending with a slight hint of camphor. Wine: Cot 2016 Colour: Red Domaine: Rousseau brothers Wine-producer: Appellation: Touraine Vintage: 2016 Vinification: Cold maceration for 1 week to extract the aromas without the tannins then fermented for 12 days at a temperature of 22°. Aged on lees for 3 months. Grape variety: Cot/Malbec (powerful, tannic, rustic) Ageing period: Type of soil: Flinty clay soil Aged: In vats

Wild Voatsiperifery pepper

Madagascar, Piper borbonense, grows in the wild at the heart of the Malagasy forests on creepers which grow up to 30m high. Harvested by hand, floral woody notes with a fresh hint of citrus fruit. Berries only grow on new young shoots. Sharp, very fresh lasting taste; floral woody aromas, with notes of citrus fruit and menthol.

Food-wine-pepper pairing

What dish? Roast pike with rosemary and bay leaf.

TIMUR BERRY/ VOUVRAY « on a fil » 2015:

Vouvray « sur un fil » 2015

Fine deep yellow colour with green hues. The concentrated aromas release complex notes of ripe white fruits and citrus fruit zest, delicately rounded off with hints of honey. The full and forthright impression on the palate has a well-balanced texture releasing tastes of acacia flowers. Wine: Sur un fil 2015 Colour: White Domaine: Château Gaudrelle Wine-producer: Alexandre Monmousseau Appellation: Vouvray Vintage: 2015 The vines are not trimmed but the tendrils are wound around each other and the top support wire. Vinification: Traditional fermentation in barrels Grape variety: Chenin Ageing period: 5/8 years Type of soil: Clay-limestone Aged: On lees

Timur berry

Nepal, harvested by farmers in Nepalese mountain ranges from small endemic trees from the Zanthoxylum armatum species. The Timur berry grows in the wild in the Mahabharat range. Notes of grapefruit, with fresh and acidic lemony notes. Colour: Chestnut. Aroma: Grapefruit, floral, exotic fruits, camphor. Taste: Gentle, floral and fruity, slightly spicy

Food-wine-pepper pairing

What dish? Carpaccio of scallops with citrus sauce.

CUBEB PEPPER / BOURGUEIL « Le Chat Pendu » 2015 :

Bourgueil « Le Chat Pendu » 2015

Beautiful garnet-tinted dark red colour. The concentrated aromas with empyreumatical notes of cold smoke and santal. The flavour is dense and strong with flavours of cooked prunes and sweet spices and underlying velvety tannic notes. Wine: Bourgueil Colour: Red Domaine: Authenticité Terroir Traditional craftsmanship: Appellation: Bourgueil Vintage: 2014 Vinification: Aged in barrels for 14 months Grape variety: Cabernet franc Ageing period: 4/8 years Type of soil: Clay-gravel Aged: Traditional unfined and unfiltered

Cubeb pepper

Originally from South-West India, this small tailed pepper is harvested in Indonesia. Cubeb pepper is obtained from berries which are harvested before they are fully ripe, dried and ground.

Food-wine-pepper pairing

What dish? Roast duck breast served with a stew of spring vegetables.
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