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Tadé, the leading importer of Aleppo soaps.

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Tadé, the leading importer of Aleppo soaps.

100% naturally sourced Aleppo soaps.
During his journey to Syria, Thadée de Slizewicz was captivated by the enchanting charm of Aleppo soap. Bringing back an authentic Aleppo soap bar made from olive oil and laurel, considered the legendary ancestor of Marseille soap, he introduced this treasure to France. Since that exploration in 1995, Tadé Pays du Levant® has experienced continuous growth while honoring the ancestral values brought from Aleppo. As the leading importer of Aleppo soap, this history enthusiast also played a key role in the development of the "Pain d'Alep" appellation.
Tadé Pays du Levant® reveals the unique and concise recipe of authentic Aleppo soap. What are the ingredients used? Locally sourced and COSMOS-certified olive oil, extra pure and local laurel berry oil, and sea salt to enable saponification. Nothing more. Tadé is committed to providing transparency and naturalness.
An ancestral savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation.
The manufacturing method of authentic Aleppo soap has remained unchanged for millennia, out of respect for traditions and with the aim of offering the highest possible quality. Tadé produces its soaps according to this ancestral process within the oldest soap factory in Aleppo.
  1. Mixing: Artisans blend water, lye, and olive oil in a high-temperature cauldron. The boiling process gives rise to a green paste called "empâtage," which allows for the formation of a soap emulsion.
  2. Enrichment: The obtained paste is enriched with laurel berry oil towards the end of the cooking process to preserve its beneficial properties.
  3. Clarification: Several washes with clear water are necessary to refine the paste to about 40% and remove impurities.
  4. Pouring: The paste is poured onto the ground, taking advantage of the ideal winter temperature to solidify the soap in just a few hours.
  5. Cutting: The soap is cut using a rake equipped with sharp blades.
  6. Stamping: Each soap is hand-stamped using a wooden or brass mark, following a tradition dating back to antiquity.
  7. Drying: The Aleppo soaps are stacked in towers and air-dried for 9 months.
Discover this unique manufacturing process through images!
An all-in-one soap: discover the multiple uses of Aleppo soaps.
The authentic Aleppo soap is a must-have that you can use in both your kitchen and bathroom. Durable, economical, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly, this soap is so pure that it doesn't need packaging to shine. Thanks to its amazing properties and richness in fatty acids, it is perfect for sensitive skin. Aleppo soap is a true all-in-one! It cleanses, softens, and respects the skin's hydrolipidic film, ensuring good hydration. Its richness in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and unsaponifiables makes it a gentle and soothing product with olive oil, while also being purifying with laurel oil. It is also renowned for its stain-removing and degreasing action on laundry, as well as for floor and dishwashing. You will certainly find a place for an Aleppo soap bar in your home.
Tadé, a socially responsible company, sponsors the Baroudeurs de l'Espoir.
Tadé is committed to supporting the Syrian people and their children who have lost everything. The Baroudeurs, with their generous energy, never cease to amaze them. Together, they take on the Amalia 21 challenge, a sporting and solidarity trek, to bring hope, happiness, and confidence in the future to Syrian children.
Find the Tadé range on the online store:

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Aleppo Soap, 200g

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