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The roasted spices

Food and roasted spices pairing :

Traditionally, roasting is used to cook coffee beans and reveal their flavors. Once roasted, those spices develop caramel aromas (Maillard reaction) and change their pigmentation (Strecker reaction). As the temperature rises, the water contained in those spices evaporates, the acids and sugars develop characteristic aromas. Our peppers and spices have been :
  • Manually roasted,
  • With no fat added,
  • In constant temperature appropriate for that particular spice,
  • And on a specific duration related to the product.

Roasting enhance the coriander and frees its delicate aromas which reminds you of caramel. Food and spice pairing  :
  • Vegetable puree.
  • Beef carpaccio.
  • Braised veal.
  • Chocolate fondant.

This hand roasted Tonka has a grilled scent. It toasted and creamy flavors will bring originality to your homemade pastries. Food and spice pairing :
  • Homemade pastries : madeleines, apple tart.
  • Tomatoes salad with Balsamic vinegar from Modena.
  • Roast pork.
  • Madagascar vanilla ice cream.

Green pepper, once roasted, is amazing : the flavors come out ! Food and spice pairing :
  • Grilled fish.
  • Beef carpaccio.
  • Tomatoes gazpacho.
  • Summer salad.

Rediscover the cumin carefully roasted which releases grilled orange notes and crunchy texture Food and spice pairing :
  • Sea fish.
  • Dish with fennel.
  • Lobsters.
  • Poultry cooked in sauce.
  • Fresh fruit salad.

Roasting buckwheat sets free the flavors enhancing its delicate nutty tastes Food and spice pairing :
  • Marinated wild salmon.
  • Guinea fowl supreme.
  • White asparagus.
  • Homemade cookies.
  • Salted butter desserts.
  • Sorbet.

Use the roasted sesame for a toasted flavor and a crusty texture. Food and spice pairing :
  • Julienne strip.
  • Prime rib of beef with sweet potatoes puree.
  • Ho goat cheese.
  • Sorbet.

Once roasted, this pepper form Malabar releases a grilled aroma and the toasted flavor reminds you of caramel Food and spice pairing :
  • Braised meat.
  • Fish.
  • Fried foie gras.
  • Chocolate tart.

Once roasted, this white pepper from Penja reveals an astonishing blend of animal flavors and grilled nuts. Food and spice pairing :
  • A homemade mayonnaise with green asparagus.
  • A chicken liver pate.
  • A vegetables fricassee.
  • A vanilla rice pudding.
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