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Rallye Terre Exotique 2023

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Rallye Terre Exotique 2023

A "rallyversary" to celebrate Terre Exotique's 25th anniversary!

In 2023, Terre Exotique is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It's a significant milestone that the entire team wanted to celebrate with its clients and friends.

To mark the occasion, the first edition of the Terre Exotique Bike Rally was organized on Saturday, June 24th.

Starting from Rochecorbon and traversing the banks of the Loire, vineyards, as well as the streets of Rochecorbon and Tours, this bike rally offered a friendly immersion into the world of Terre Exotique: the spices, the cultures, and the global gastronomy.

9:30 AM: Welcome of the aspiring "piperologists"
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10:30 AM: Get ready for spicy stages and delicious breaks as we hit the road!

The candidates aspiring to become "piperologists" are numerous, but the path of apprenticeship is demanding and filled with challenges.

They will need to withstand the harshness of the journey, decipher the secrets of cultures from around the world, embrace flavors and skillfully blend them in the kitchen, immerse themselves in the heritage and legends of historically significant places, dare to encounter the unknown and the foreign...

It is a complete quest in which one must dive into - like a new baptism - to reach a state of grace where everything connects: civilizations and gastronomy, among others.

The Terre Exotique Bike Rally consisted of 8 stages. At each stage, a challenge awaited the participants!

A variety of talents within the teams were required to hope to complete this rally!

Piper longum Stage
In the heart of Tours, the cyclists allowed themselves to be guided by the scents of the Orient, with their delightful flavors from distant lands. The guardians of the Palais des Epices at the local market were awaiting their arrival.
Elettaria cardamomum Stage

In the shade of this ancient tree, blank pages never stay empty. People come here to write the world. The medieval setting is inspiring. While enjoying a drink, they write a few...poems, of course!

During a stop at the iconic bistro on Plum Square, the Vieux Mûrier, participants had to reveal their finest penmanship!

Coffea arabica Stage
At the end of spring, when poppies appear in the meadows of Touraine and, on the banks of the royal river, it opens its doors, a holiday atmosphere settles in. From the deck chairs, one can see the old bustling town of Tours. To the north of the Loire riverbanks, participants stepped into the shoes of painters to unveil their artistic talents on a canvas. And what served as their inspiration? Terre Exotique immersed in this beautiful local landscape.
Ruta chalepensis Stage

It's a true emblem of the city of Tours, a place perfect for strolling, daydreaming, contemplating, and experiencing emotions.

You can find two bandstands, statues of Touraine writers, and plump ducks.

Have you guessed it? In the mythical Prébendes Garden, the teams' noses were called upon to blindly identify spices.

Schinus terebenthifolius Stage
These 15th-century troglodyte caves offer an initiatory and cultural journey where visitors can discover sculptures created by local Touraine artists directly on the chalk, depicting the history of mankind and wine while paying tribute to Saint Martin. The bottles resting in these caves don't come from Orléans... well, not entirely!
Rosa centifolia Stage

In this meadow, sailors celebrate and repair their proud vessels. Meet us on the banks of the Loire, halfway between the tennis players and the pétanque players.

Aframomum corrorima Stage
I am nestled against a castle that overlooks the Loire. Here, we savor the local wines. Across from the entrance of a museum, an old wine press hides my entrance.
Vanilla planifolia Stage

From the 17th to the 19th century, when bridges were still scarce, the Loire River served as the main trade route for transporting goods and a passage for the inhabitants of the Loire villages.

I am part of the regional folklore. I am flat, made of wood, and I can only move with the help of EOLE

Gourmet breaks at our friends, the artisans of taste, punctuated the day! Wine merchants, cheesemakers, winemakers, restaurateurs... These breaks were as much enjoyed for the delicacies tasted as for the encounters made.

A big THANK YOU for your hospitality and delicious treats El Cafecito, 22 sur Vins, Café Corbon, la Guinguette de Rochecorbon, les Fromages de Camille, Beurre Noisette.

7:00 PM: Festive banquet under the stars

The day concluded with a festive banquet in the park of the Terre Exotique gallery. Chef Didier Edon and his team delighted the taste buds. The award ceremony crowned the winners. Music made the aspiring "piperologists" dance for a day. And the candles formalized this anniversary in a fitting manner.

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To the brave explorers of the world and its flavors on this June 24th,

... and to all of you with whom we will write the next 25!

Happy anniversary, Terre Exotique!
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Salmon Capelle M&G
8 July 2023
Hello ! Quelle excellente idée d’avoir organisé ce rallye ! À quand le prochain pour tous les malheureux qui non plus participer à cette première édition ? Votre reportage est trop attirant et joyeux… A bientôt !
17 July 2023
Le prochain rallye aura lieu en 2025 ! On sera heureux de vous compter parmi nous :)
Vanessa Brard
10 July 2023
Bravo et merci pour ce reportage photos qui par ces mots a fait voyager mes papilles et mon imagination. Fidèle cliente Terre Exotique depuis septembre 2002, c'est avec bonheur que je vous souhaite heureux anniversaire à Erwann et toute son équipe. Vanessa Brard, gérante de "L'Epicerie à Niort"