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NEPAL - First Contact, First Immersion

[title]Landing at Nepalgunj[/title]
We landed at Nepalgunj, Nepal, located on the border with India in Behri area. This is a very rural and agricultural area where rice cultivation is the main activity. Right away we decided to visit the local market in Nepalgunj. This is the best way to discover the essential products and spices of Nepalese cooking: lentils, rice, tomatoes, black pepper, Timur berries, ginger powder, whole turmeric, black cardamom, curry powder, Jimbu. The majority of Nepalese are vegetarians because of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths' food ways.
We head towards the Terai mountains (bordering on the Himalayas). In the direction of Salyan and Jajarkot districts where Timur berries (Zanthoxylum armatum) are harvested.
On the way we cross over the Banke National Park and its virgin forest. This is the region that inspired Rudyard Kipling, the author of the "Jungle Book". The maharajah used to go there to hunt the black panthers. We stop to take a bite into curry leaves. They grow wild on a 70cm tall plant resembling ferns. They belong to the botanical family Murraya Koeigii. We were pleasantly surprised by the taste reminiscent of cumin seeds.
[title]Cameroon at your doorstep[/title]
After our stay in Nepal, we have the pleasure to show you some of our memories! A real culinary journey!
Coffret retour du Népal
Timur berries > Fiche focus <
Black cardamom
Ginger powder
Whole turmeric
Sil timur berry


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