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Maison Blin: Artisanal pasta produced in the Parisian region.

Maison Blin: from the field to the plate

Discover gourmet pasta



Led by Sébastien Blin, Maison Blin is a cereal farm renowned for its high-quality artisanal pasta production in the Parisian region. Located just 50 km from Paris in the town of Allainville-aux-Bois in the Yvelines, the estate has been operating on the Hattonville hamlet's 165 hectares of agricultural land for four generations. There, they cultivate wheat, barley, rapeseed, as well as various varieties of aromatic plants.



The cereal history of the Blin farm

Transmitted from generation to generation, the farm was initially dedicated to cereal cultivation with a focus on export. In 2016, Sébastien acquired the farm and embarked on a remarkable transformation. A passionate advocate for local consumption, short supply chains, and a great pasta enthusiast, he decided to give the farm a new direction by venturing into the artisanal pasta-making industry. Transforming an old sugar beet factory into a pasta production workshop, he acquired an extruder, selected an ideal wheat rich in proteins and quick-cooking properties, and dedicated nearly 18 months to refining the current recipe. This change reflects his commitment to merging tradition and innovation to create a unique expertise.



Maison Blin, a guarantee of quality

At Maison Blin, everything is grown on-site. The team itself sows the wheat in the fields and harvests it. Crafted from durum wheat flour, these pasta, rich in nutritional values, undergo a bronze die extrusion process, following an ancient artisanal method. This allows the pasta to display a beautiful, entirely natural shine while maintaining a good texture and firmness during cooking. The diversity of their range of gourmet pasta reflects their commitment to culinary excellence. From elegantly pleated creste di gallo and classic penne to delicate lace, each variety is meticulously designed to satisfy the most discerning palates.



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