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The Anôsy Region and the Pink Peppercorn

The Anôsy Region and the Pink Peppercorn

Back from Madagascar, 2024

The pink peppercorn grows in the extreme south of Madagascar and around Fort-Dauphin in a region called Anôsy. The berries are harvested when fully ripe, ensuring optimal quality characterized by their round shape, smooth and uniform appearance, as well as their vibrant and shiny red/pink color.


Pink peppercorns get their name from their lovely color

Their pink color sets them apart visually from regular black or white pepper. They originate from a tree native to South America, which was later exported to Réunion, Mauritius, and Madagascar, both for its ornamental properties and the flavor of its fruits. The vernacular names of this tree adapted to the various regions where it was introduced, particularly in Réunion, where it's called "Bourbon pepper" or "Réunion pink gold".


Pink peppercorns are hand-picked

When the clusters have about 80% ripe berries, they are ready for harvesting. They are incredibly delicate. The clusters are then sun-dried for two days. Manual sorting to separate the berries from the clusters is carried out. This is also the moment when grading is done to distinguish the premium grade, for whole berries, from the grades that will be used for crushing. These pearl-like berries are handled with extreme care to prevent the pericarp from tearing and to ensure an exceptional product.



Supporting the producers

We have chosen to support several farmer associations that have come together to pool their efforts. They express their satisfaction when assessing the harvest. The income generated from the sale of pink peppercorns has allowed the producer families to finance projects such as the construction of new homes in the villages and covering the educational expenses of their children.





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