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Oysters flavored with oyster pepper

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Oysters flavored with oyster pepper


Discover our tips for fully enjoying raw oysters, highlighting their natural briny taste subtly enhanced by oyster pepper.



Opening the oysters:

1. Open the oysters gently using the Terre Exotique oyster knife, ensuring to preserve their liquid.
2. Hold the oyster in the palm of your hand and wrap it in a towel to secure it.
3. Locate the hinge of the oyster, which is the narrow, pointed part at the back of the shell. Place it in front of you with the rounded side facing up and aligned with your fingers.
4. Carefully insert the oyster knife into the hinge, applying gentle pressure to avoid breaking the shell.
5. Twist the knife gently from left to right to pry open the shell. You should feel a slight "click" when the hinge gives way.
6. Slide the knife along the inside of the top shell to cut the adductor muscle that holds the two shells together.

Seasoning the oysters:

1. Sprinkle a pinch of Terre Exotique oyster pepper on each oyster. This blend, made from six crushed peppers, enhances the briny flavor of the oysters.
2. For those who prefer varied flavors, also offer fresh lemon wedges so each person can season their oysters to taste.


1. Arrange the opened oysters on a serving platter lined with seaweed, samphire, or coarse salt to keep them steady and prevent them from getting too cold, which could alter their flavors.
2. Serve the seasoned oysters immediately with lemon wedges. This presentation is both elegant and practical.

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