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FRANCE : The harvest of Espelette pepper

In Espelette, chili harvest has begun !

Espelette chili pepper, real signature for our south west cooking.

In september 2016 we visited our friend Jean Baptiste, who is an Espelette grower. Harvest of this reddish crop from French Basque Country began in late August due to a cool and rainy spring, and a dry summer. Chili became ripe late. According to Jean Baptiste they are smaller this year but even so they are of top quality since aromas are more concentrated
Jean Baptiste has been a chili grower since 2011. He produces 2 to 4 tons of chili in powder per year. He respects to the letter the trade union of Espelette chili pepper specifications. He works just likes a wine grower would work on his winery. He takes an interest in aromas, in the earth geology, and in weather patterns. Same as a wine grower, Jean Baptiste is looking for the perfect balance of aromas which will delight the epicure ! He considers a well structured chili moderately hot and with fruity notes. The taste should remind you of tomato and sweet pepper.

« Hot and spicy aromas of this chili pepper need to represent the joie de vivre and Basque temperament !».

Espelette chili pepper production

Organoleptic characteristics

  • Fruity notes, perfect median between dried tomatoes and dried hay.
  • « Scoville scale» : 4/10 (hot and lightly spicy).
  • Advice : Keep your Espelette refrigerated and out of direct light.
  • Use as a pepper to add character to any dish.

The Scoville scale is a scale classifying chilis power. American pharmacologist Wilbur Scoville (1912), the inventor, wanted to estimate how much capsaicin was on every chili peppers. It is the molecule responsible for the strength of a chili.

Perfect harmony between spice and dish:

Espelette chili pepper in powder

Its fruity notes and sweet chili aromas match perfectly with a Basque chicken, basque ham, a fried foie gras or a chocolate recipe.

Espelette chili pepper in jelly

Explore Espelette chili pepper in a new form. Try it in jelly with goat cheese, foie gras on toast or a duck breast fillet.

Espelette chili pepper in puree

This puree will bring a spicy note to a creamy sauce. Make a marinade pop. Use like a mustard. Goes great on toats wth any meat.

Fleur de sel with Espelette chili pepper

Will enliven to a tomato salad, chicken breast, green beans in butter, stir-fried mushrooms.

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