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GIMBER, the non-alcoholic ginger drink

GIMBER, the non-alcoholic ginger drink


Gimber, the ginger drink with a punch since 2017

In search of a concentrate as tasty as it is healthy, Dimitri Oosterlynck, an entrepreneur with a sharp mind and a penchant for unusual adventures, created GIMBER to offer a drink that combines freshness and character. That's when this high-quality alcohol-free alternative was born.

Gimber, the completely natural non-alcoholic drink.


Inside this boldly styled bottle are organic and 100% natural ingredients. GIMBER has crafted a blend without additives or preservatives of ginger, lemon, herbs, and spices to give you a boost!

In a sustainable approach, GIMBER chooses a responsible production chain, from the cultivation of ginger in Peru to bottling.


Gimber, a tasting experience at any time.


This natural and effervescent ready-to-drink beverage brings vitality throughout the day: in the morning as a detox recipe, for a tasty break, or post-workout.

It is, of course, perfect as an aperitif thanks to its unique combination of freshness and strength.

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