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Confiserie d'Amboise decorates the Château de Chenonceau

Confiserie d'Amboise decorates the Château de Chenonceau !

copyright ©dominique couineau

Discover the magic where history meets indulgence: The Confiserie d'Amboise decorates the Château de Chenonceau, a palace of sweetness and elegance.


Chenonceau: a "palazzo on the water"



The Chenonceau castle, known as the "Ladies' Castle" due to its history marked by influential women, is a gem of the French Renaissance. Built over the Cher River, its elegant foundations seem to dance on the water, reflecting its sumptuous architecture. Its gardens, true works of art, invite a poetic stroll. Inside, each room tells a story, adorned with period furniture and refined tapestries. Chenonceau is not just a castle; it is a journey through history and beauty, a place where every stone whispers tales of royalty and feminine resilience.


Royal Confections

This winter, the Chenonceau castleadorned itself in its finest attire, immersing visitors in an enchanting world.

In the castle's kitchens, candy canes and giant candies custom-made by the Confiserie d'Amboise were invited, forming a delicious rain above the tables, flowered by the castle's Floral Workshop and adorned with real calisson trees and bouquets of confectioneries.

The spectacle is majestic, colorful, and mouth-watering.

copyright ©dominique couineau


Confiserie d'Amboise

Nicolas Viollet is a passionate collector who, over the years, has amassed an impressive collection of 2,000 confectionery pieces, creating a true living museum.

His passion is divided between the art of confectionery and collecting. Nicolas recalls, "At 12, I was making my own pralines, and by 16, I had bought my first calisson machine."

His collection includes a diverse range of machines and confectionery objects: a 1910 lollipop roller, sugar cookers, dragee turbines, and lozenge presses. These machines, of various sizes, ages, and origins, are united like a gourmet orchestra in this unique conservatory.

Recalling the fantastical world of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," this place is a true wonder, with an industrial style that is certainly worth the detour.


copyright ©ADT Touraine


22 Rue Germain Chauveau,
37400 Amboise

+33 (0)2 47 30 08 53

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