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Royal Duck

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Royal Duck


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  1. Preheat your oven to 200°C (th 6-7).
  2. Lightly score the skin of the duck breasts in a criss-cross pattern. Season them with salt and black pepper.
  3. In a medium-sized skillet over medium heat, place the duck breasts skin side down. Let them cook for about 5 to 7 minutes until the skin is golden brown and crispy. Remove excess fat from the skillet as it renders.
  4. Meanwhile, prepare the orange sauce. In a saucepan, mix the juice of the oranges, the zest of one orange, honey, white wine vinegar, and fresh thyme. Let it simmer for a few minutes until the mixture slightly thickens.
  5. Generously brush the duck breasts with half of the orange sauce. Then, sprinkle them with the royal curry Terre Exotique, making sure to coat the surface of the duck breasts evenly.
  6. Place the duck breasts in an oven-proof dish and bake them for about 10 to 12 minutes for a medium-rare cooking. If you prefer a more well-done meat, extend the cooking time slightly.
  7. Once cooked, remove the duck breasts from the oven and let them rest for a few minutes before slicing them.
  8. Serve the sliced duck breasts drizzled with the remaining orange sauce and accompanied by rice, vegetables of your choice, or even roasted nectarines.

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