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From the original source of Cameroon's legacy of peppers, berries, seeds and other wild follicles.
  • Grains of Peace
  • Ganshu
  • Malam
  • Pèbè
Talking with the market sellers of Loum allows one to discover all the history and uses of traditional spices in Cameroonian cuisine.
 "That's the djansan, djansan it's good ...
for roast chicken and fish, too it's a good condiment."
Marie Penja willingly shares the recipe for her famous spicy sauce. This lively sauce on grilled chicken accompanied by rice, Ndolé, plantains, Malam berries, Pebe, of Essesse, Djansan (njansang) and white pepper Penja. A delight!

« To exchange in a sign of peace »

The Cameroonians call it the “Seed of Peace”. This variety of rhizome from the Afromomum genus grows naturally at the foot of the Ekom Falls. It is nicknamed "Jujube" by Loum merchants. 

This is the seed of sharing and friendship!

Cameroonians eat them all day long as if it were candy. They always have some on them, in their shirt pockets, like a lucky charm to be shared with friends. The Bamileke people use them during their royal inaugurations and other ceremonies for the nobility, as well as during protection and blessing rites.

Grains of Peace

« Crunchy seeds laced with notes of licorice and mandarin. »

Ganshu Berries : It's the first African zanthoxylum ! Discovered by chance at the Loum market. This endemic berry possesses vegetable notes and orange flavors, it grows on the West Cameroonian highlands in Bamileke territory.

[title] Cameroon at your doorstep [/title]

After our journey through Cameroon we have the pleasure to present you with a selection based on our discoveries. A veritable culinary adventure!

« Ganshu »

C’est le premier Zanthoxylum africain ! Découvert par hasard sur le marché de Loum, Cameroun. Pousse sur les hauts plateaux de l’ouest Camerounais en pays Bamilékés. Cette baie endémique possède des notes végétales et des saveurs d’orange.

« Grain of peace »

Crunchy seeds laced with notes of licorice and mandarin. Aframomum sp. "The Cameroonian Aframomum !" It is nicknamed « Jujube » by Loum merchants. Grows naturally at the foot of the Ekom Falls. vegetable notes and orange flavors. With notes of licorice and mandarin.

« Malam Berry »

A berry with fruity and smokey traits. It possesses red fruit aromas. This is the key ingredient in the famous “Marie Penja sauce” which is best of Cameroonian chicken dishes.

« White Penja pepper»

A pepper with fresh aromas of menthol and camphor that evolve from delicately wild underlying musky base note. On the palate there is a longlasting heat with an aftertaste of caramelized meat.
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