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Seggiano: Italian gastronomy specialists

Seggiano: Italian gastronomy specialists

The history of Seggiano

Seggiano is the story of David and Peri, two enthusiasts of organic farming and Italian gastronomy.
Initially olive oil producers, they then joined forces with specialized farmers with similar values to offer a complete range of quality Italian products. Seggiano rice is grown in northeastern Italy using traditional organic methods. They will help you rediscover the ancestral flavors of Italian rice.


Italian excellence



Each of Seggiano's products comes from a specialized and innovative producer, using ingredients and production methods of higher quality than any other manufacturer the company has found in Italy. This approach ensures that Seggiano offers what is considered to be the most delicious and authentic range of Italian dishes on the market. Seggiano recognizes the importance that Italians attach to their local and regional food products, and the company is proud to passionately select the best from Italy's rich culinary and heritage landscape.

There's something for everyone!

With vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and many other options, the company caters for all tastes and dietary needs. This diversity allows everyone to create classic Italian dishes or explore new recipes, Seggiano provides the quality ingredients needed to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at every meal.



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