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Maison Marc : French artisan and producer

Maison Marc : 

French artisan and producer

Maison Marc products, ensuring sustainable agriculture.

Maison Marc cultivates its own vegetables in an ecological manner, without using herbicides or insecticides. They are hand-picked before being carefully packaged in Chemilly-sur-Yonne. The vegetables are prepared without any additives, preservatives, or thickeners. They are steam-cooked at low temperatures. This method fully preserves the taste, texture, and nutritional value of the vegetables

Maison Marc, a family story.

Maison Marc, led by Henri Jeannequin since 2012, continues the family tradition of cultivating French pickles initiated by his grandfather Marc in the 1950s in Chemilly-sur-Yonne. Despite the challenges of globalization, the Maison has preserved its heritage, expanded by Henri's father, Florent, in the 1970s. Today, in addition to its pickle production, Maison Marc also offers a selection of high-quality spreads.


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