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Maison Balme: A Passion for Truffles

Maison Balme: A Passion for Truffles

Maison Balme: A Generational Story Since 1910

Maison Balme is a family business that began over a century ago in the heart of Provence, specifically in Vaucluse. Over four generations of truffle farmers have walked the rich and fertile lands from Luberon to Mont Ventoux. It all started with Géo Balme, who passed on his knowledge and the secrets of truffle cultivation in the region to his son Gilbert. Gilbert, passionate about cooking, became an expert in wild truffle picking. His son, also named Géo after his grandfather, turned his passion into a professional expertise, becoming a true connoisseur of truffles. This is how Thomas, Gilbert's grandson and Géo's nephew, took up the mantle to continue this family legacy and pass on the art of truffling.


The Birth of Maison Balme



Thomas, accompanied by his longtime friend Mikel, whom he himself initiated, decided together to combine the treasures of their respective regions, the Provencal truffle and Basque gastronomy, to create Maison Balme in 2013. At Balme, the passion for truffles is undeniable, and every day, the two collaborators strive to share this love. Maison Balme is driven by the desire to popularize this exquisite delicacy for everyone's palate.

The Origin of the Truffle

The origin and nature of the truffle have always been a true mystery. The first mentions of truffles appear on Sumerian clay tablets dating back to 2000 BCE, and today we know that they are a type of fungus, an underground cousin of the morel. In the Middle Ages, truffles were perceived as dark, mysterious, and associated with Satan due to their subterranean nature. It was only in the 16th century that King François I rehabilitated them at court, as they were believed to have aphrodisiac virtues!


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