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Belazu: Flavors of the Middle East


Flavors of the Middle East

Mediterranean flavors

The Belazu house specializes in providing high-quality ingredients for professionals, chefs, and home cooks. It is known for its products inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors. Among its popular items are premium olives, pastas, pestos, oils, and more. It distinguishes itself through an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, prioritizing a responsible approach in selecting its sources of supply.

The history of Belazu



Belazu was founded in 1991, born out of a long-standing friendship between Adam and George, who met in high school in 1979 and became best friends. While Adam pursued his university studies, George trained at a culinary school in Paris, then worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant before returning to London to join the Capital Hotel.

The business took shape during a visit to France, where George's mother took them to a market in Provence. There, they discovered exceptionally high-quality olives, a rarity for the British market. Bringing back 10 buckets to England, they launched La Fresh Olive Company.

Initial success led to an expansion of their product range, supported by the trend of British chefs working abroad, propelling the company to a presence in 30 countries. With the evolution of their product offerings, the name Fresh Olive Company no longer fit, prompting them to become Belazu Ingredient Company.

In pursuit of excellence

The core values of Belazu remain as crucial to the company today as they were in 1991. The obsession with flavor and the relentless pursuit of the finest ingredients continue to be at the heart of its business. The commitment to superior quality remains a constant priority.

Belazu derives its integrity from the trusted relationships established with its suppliers, producers, employees, and customers, some spanning several years. For the company, every step of the journey, from farm to table, holds paramount importance. It pays special attention to people, products, and the planet.


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