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Ariake: Expert in traditional broths


Expert in traditional broths


Birth of ARIAKÉ, expert in traditional broths

ARIAKÉ, initiated by Kineo Okada in 1966 in Japan, specializes in the artisanal production of traditional broths, now available in France in the form of 100% natural UHT (Ultra High Temperature) cartons. By adopting modern extraction techniques to reproduce authentic flavors on a large scale, ARIAKÉ has conquered the culinary market.

The brand's introduction to France in 2008 was driven by Joël Robuchon, an admirer of ARIAKÉ broths in Japan, who encouraged its establishment and the development of a range for culinary professionals. This collaboration gave rise to Infusion Broths and Roasted Juices, quickly embraced by French chefs.

ARIAKÉ, a high-quality expertise


The extraction process involves cooking various ingredients such as meat, bones, fish scraps, shellfish, and vegetables in water to produce a rich initial broth. This broth is then purified of its fats, concentrated, and ultimately transformed into different consistencies (liquid, paste, powder) to capture the essence of taste.

By exclusively using meticulously selected raw materials, without resorting to artificial flavors or additives, the water cooking extraction method creates completely natural culinary compositions. This approach not only ensures the purity of the product but also its traceability and food safety.

The UHT (Ultra High Temperature) process, which involves heating the Ready-to-Use broths in cartons to 143°C for 5 seconds, provides exceptional durability while preserving the taste and nutritional properties of the broths.

ARIAKÉ, a responsible house dedicated to quality

ARIAKÉ products meet the highest quality standards in the food industry, with rigorous monitoring at every stage of production, from the selection of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. The unique and automated production methods at the three manufacturing sites in Europe ensure consistent product quality and strict adherence to hygiene standards. Additionally, ARIAKÉ is committed to a sustainable development policy, striving to minimize the environmental impact of its operations.

Products that make us bubble with pleasure!



Natural broths in ready-to-infuse sachets.


ARIAKÉ introduces its new line of natural broths in sachets, designed to be quickly infused in hot water, offering a clear broth with an authentic taste and a clear appearance. Their production is inspired by homemade techniques, with slow cooking followed by low-temperature drying to obtain a granulated powder.

Enriched with high-quality ingredients (71 to 83% depending on the recipes), these broths contain no flavor enhancers, colorings, or preservatives, and are low in salt, preserving their nutritional properties.

One-liter natural broth in a carton


Essential for instant soups, enhancing dishes, or a simple bowl of flavorful broth, this broth is perfect for flavoring a variety of recipes such as stews, risottos, or soups, available year-round. ARIAKÉ offers a Chicken Broth, created from fresh chicken and vegetables cooked for 3 hours, ready-to-use in a one-liter carton. Always 100% natural.

ARIAKÉ Miso Soup: Japanese authenticity made in France

ARIAKÉ's Miso soups blend traditional Japanese expertise with French production.

To prepare a Miso soup, you need water, dashi (seaweed broth), and essential Miso paste. The latter is a traditional Japanese fermented paste made from soybeans, rice, Kõji ferment, and sea salt.

To enjoy, simply add hot water to the mixture, let it steep, then customize with optional ingredients such as wakame, tofu, green onions, or scallions.

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