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Black salt, 1 kg
Black salt, 1 kg

Black salt, 1 kg

Coal-black and full of mineral elements, Hawaian black salt is obtained by adding lava rocks to sea salt pools. Use these crunchy black crystals to make a fabulous contrast in your dishes, try it in foie gras or for a savoury panna cotta.
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Rich in activated charcoal, this completely natural artisanal Hawaiian salt is a mixture of two exceptionally pure

products: black lava rocks cleansed of their impurities are added to pure seawater in evaporation ponds to be fortified with minerals. This is done according to an exclusive process that helps conserve all the minerals. Perfectly black, the rare and sophisticated salt creates a beautiful impressionist decoration on the plate.

Used as a fleur de sel, black salt infuses all dishes with earthy energy and a baroque character.

More Information
More Information
Shelf life 10 years
Ingredient Sea salt, activated charcoal (2% maximum)
Nutritional info /
Native country ÉTATS UNIS
Ingredients 1 sea salt, coloring : E153 (activated charcoal 2% maximum).
Ingredients 2 Decorating salt