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Black Matale pepper

Black Matale pepper

Let Yourself Be Surprised by the Deep Flavors of Matale Black Pepper

Floral and pungent. This black pepper, originating from Sri Lanka, formerly known as the island of Ceylon, is an essential stop on the spice route. Its camphoraceous and mentholated flavors will perfectly complement grilled red meat. To be coarsely crushed with a mortar and pestle!

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How to Use Matale Black Pepper in Dishes:

Its camphoraceous and menthol flavors will complement perfectly grilled red meat, charcoal-grilled beef steak, and herbed lamb leg.

Our Recipe Ideas to Use Matale Black Pepper:

  • - Sautéed Potatoes with Matale Black Pepper: Season sautéed potatoes with Matale Black Pepper for a spicy twist on this classic dish.
  • - Carbonara Pasta: Incorporate Matale Black Pepper into the carbonara sauce for a variation of this Italian classic.
  • - Chicken Curry with Matale Black Pepper: Use Matale Black Pepper in a marinade for chicken curry for an authentic touch of Sri Lankan flavors.
  • - Sautéed Shrimp with Matale Black Pepper: Sauté shrimp with garlic, butter, and Matale Black Pepper for a quick and flavorful appetizer.
  • - Matale Black Pepper Crème Brûlée: Infuse cream with Matale Black Pepper for a unique crème brûlée.
  • - Fruit Jam with Matale Black Pepper: Add a pinch of Matale Black Pepper to fruit jam for a spicy note on toast or cheese.
  • - Grilled Vegetables with Matale Black Pepper: Season various vegetables (such as peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini) with Matale Black Pepper before grilling.

The Aromas of Matale Black Pepper:

Matale Black Pepper offers spicy and earthy notes with subtle hints of wood and lemon. When freshly ground, it releases intense aromas that evoke the warmth of its tropical region of origin. The pepper grains also reveal spicy and floral tones, adding a unique sensory dimension to dishes.

Matale Black Pepper: A Spicy Treasure from the Mountains of Sri Lanka:

Matale Black Pepper comes from the tropical vine known as Piper nigrum, cultivated in the mountainous region of Matale in Sri Lanka. This plant belongs to the Piperaceae family. Black pepper plants thrive in tropical conditions, requiring rich organic soils and a warm, humid climate. The black pepper berries are harvested when ripe and then dried to obtain their characteristic color. The presence of the molecule piperine gives black pepper its distinctive spicy taste.

The Origins of Matale Black Pepper:

Matale Black Pepper, an exceptional pepper, traces its roots to Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. This region played a crucial role as a major stop on the Spice Route, facilitating the exchange and spread of unique flavors of local spices worldwide.

The history of this pepper is intertwined with the island itself, welcoming merchants, explorers, and conquerors, all drawn by its natural riches and precious spices such as Matale pepper. Today, this pepper is cultivated with meticulous care and respect for traditions, thus perpetuating the legacy of the Spice Route.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 100
Allergen Absence
Native country SRI LANKA
Genus and botanical species Piper nigrum
Ingredients black pepper
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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