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Black Cardamom

Once opened this black cardamom will release sweet spicy fragrances and notes of Chinese smoked tea, with flavours of menthol and camphor. Best ground and used just before serving on roast pineapple, farmhouse poultry and oriental dishes.

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Price From: €7.50

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Black cardamom has a punchy sharp tannic attack releasing flavours of menthol and camphor.

Once opened, this spice from the Himalayas exudes complex aromas of smoked Chinese tea, resin and sweet spices.

It spices up fish stock or fruit compote. Remove the seeds from the husk before cooking. Best ground and used just before serving.

Black cardamom grows in the wild in the Mahabharat range, in Nepal. It is harvested by hand at altitudes of between 1,500m and 2,000m . Black cardamom belongs to the same botanical genus as ginger, turmeric  and Ethiopian Korarima. In Nepal, it grows in the shade of tall trees and on the bank of streams.


Additional Information

Country Nepal
Post No
Ingredient Black cardamom
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place
Allergen Allergen free
Use By date 5 years
Nutritional info No
Botanical genus and species Amomum subulatum
Other names Nepal-Kardamom, Brauner Kardamom
Culture mod Cultivated, Introduced, Native
Color Black
Intensity scale Powerful and Strong (3/7)
Aromatic footprint Balsamic, Empyreumatic, Spicy


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