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Berbere Mix

This typical and truly essential Ethiopian Berbere mix is very spicy and will enchant all your roast and grilled meat. You can also use it to make “zigni spaghetti” with its spicy sauce, from Eritrea.

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Price From: €7.20

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Why not create some new recipes by using Berbere to replace your curry powder, cajun and other mixes. A perfect companion for your meat and poultry stews, fresh goat’s cheese, cream or fish ...

In Ethiopia, each family has its own secret berbere recipe, handed down from generation to generation. The basic ingredients are often the same but the proportions differ: kororima, garlic, ginger, Passion Berry, chilli pepper mit mita, black cumin, salt or cinnamon. That’s why Berbere is sometimes called the “Ethiopian curry”. This mix is also used to flavour the famous Ethiopian dish “Doro Wat”, a chicken stew served with a mixture of mead, offal, hard boiled eggs and Berbere spices.


Additional Information

Country Ethiopia
Post N/A
Ingredient Cardamome garlic, ru, black cumin, salt
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place.
Allergen Allergen free
Use By date 5 years
Nutritional info N/A
Botanical genus and species No
Other names No
Culture mod No
Color Red
Intensity scale N/A
Aromatic footprint No


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