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Assemblage Rubs mexicain
Assemblage Rubs mexicain

Assemblage Rubs mexicain

Cet assemblage Rubs Terre Exotique s’inspire d’un incontournable assaisonnement mexicain. Car s’il est de notoriété publique que les Mexicains aiment le piment, il est souvent oublié que cette histoire d’amour est indissociable du citron !
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This Dry Rub mix is based on the famous Mexican recipe. Everyone knows that Mexicans love chilli, but don’t forget this always goes hand in hand with lemon! Your palate will love this relatively hot mix which will bring a fresh tangy zest to your dishes. Rub the dry mix onto your meat before cooking to get the best result or mix it with olive oil as a marinade for all types of meat or fish. You can even use it to spice up your tacos and sprinkle it over your minced meat … A MUST for all Latin American foodies.
More Information
More Information
Shelf life 4 ans / 4 years
Nutritional info /
Native country FRANCE
Ingredients 1 paprika, lime, salt, Cayenne chilli pepper.

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