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ARIAKE, Shellfish bouillons to infuse, 5 sachets

ARIAKE, Shellfish bouillons to infuse, 5 sachets

Discover the 100% Natural Ariaké Shellfish Broth

This ready-to-use broth, made with natural ingredients, has numerous benefits. Comprising 52% shellfish, it is high in protein and low in fat, making it an ideal choice for a healthy diet.

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An Ariaké Broth with Exceptional Flavor

Ariaké broths provide a delicious taste experience, perfect to enjoy as is or enhanced with various food supplements. They also serve as a culinary base for a variety of dishes: suitable for cooking meats and fish, as well as numerous sides or as a foundation for rich sauces.

Using Ariaké Shellfish Broth in Cooking

  • For pot preparation: Heat water to boiling. Open the sachet along the designed notch. Submerge it in boiling water, then cover. Allow the sachet to infuse for five minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally.
  • Using a kettle or microwave: Pour 33 centiliters of boiling water directly over the sachet and wait five minutes for the infusion to occur.

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More Information
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Native country FRANCE