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Aleppo Olive and Laurel Soap, 200 g

Aleppo Olive and Laurel Soap, 200 g

Discover the 200g Olive and Laurel Aleppo Soap, a quality developed by Tadé, composed of pure olive oil and laurel. Rich in active ingredients and antioxidants, it is the soap traditionally used in hammams and suitable for all skin types. Suitable for daily use, it is ideal for the body, face, hair, and can even be used to wash delicate textiles.

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The Olive and Laurel Aleppo Soap, cooked in a cauldron and dried for 9 months in Aleppo

The soap cubes are skillfully arranged in towers or pyramids, where they air-dry for at least 9 months, exposed to the winds of all four seasons. This is how they acquire a unique shape and color.

How to use the Olive and Laurel Aleppo Soap?

This soap can be applied directly to the wet skin of the body and/or face. If desired, you can use a glove or a sisal flower to lather it up. After use, it is important to rinse thoroughly and avoid any contact with the eyes.

This versatile soap offers exceptional properties and is a valuable ally for all skin types. It deeply cleanses while maintaining good hydration. Thanks to its numerous active ingredients and antioxidants, it is perfect for daily body and facial care.

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More Information
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Allergen Absence
Native country SYRIE
Ingredients oilve oil, water, laurel oil, sodium hydroxide.
issues de la saponification.