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5 peppercorn mix

This mix of 5 peppercorns is made up of five "Grands crus" peppers and berries. A harmonious blend of colours, powerful tastes, spiciness with both hot and sweet notes. This mix of 5 peppercorns releases its full flavour with steamed fish, poultry and foie gras.

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Price From: €5.90

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This mix of 5 peppercorns is made up of exceptional peppers and berries. Use cracked lightly to bring a delightful daily touch to all your dishes.

A selection of "Grands crus":

White Penja pepper (Cameroon)
Black Penja pepper (Cameroon)
Jamaican allspice (Guatemala)
Freeze-dried green pepper (Madagascar)
Pink berries (Madagascar)

Crack this mix of 5 peppercorns with a pestle and mortar to preserve its exotic colours.


Additional Information

Country France
Post No
Ingredient White Penja pepper, Black Penja pepper, Jamaican allspice, Freeze-dried green pepper, Pink berries
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place
Allergen Allergen free
Use By date 5 years
Nutritional info No
Botanical genus and species Piper nigrum
Other names 5 Pfeffer
Culture mod NA
Color Black, Green, Red
Intensity scale No
Aromatic footprint n/a


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